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2016 Caregivers Summit

Click the button below, to watch the December 2016 Caregiver's Summit.

Senior Moments or Something More—When to Worry

I cannot count the number of times I’ve wished my car keys had a homing device attached to them. Or that I could remember the name of the new neighbor I’ve been introduced to twice already. Or where I put my “to do” list. But does the fact that I forget these things from time-to-time mean I have to worry about something as serious as the onset of Alzheimer’s disease? Probably not.

Aging and Depression: More than just “the blues”

As I sit across from my patients, I hear about loss and loneliness, and see pain, limited mobility, and dependency. It’s easy to understand why many people think depression is a natural part of the aging process. It is not. Depression is a medical illness that left untreated leaves seniors at increased risk for serious negative health impacts or death.

Dr. Laird's 5 Tips For a Healthier Brain

Dr. Laird from the Centre for Senior Health offers these 5 simple exercise that may help keep your mind sharp as you age.